Types Of Groups

Need help choosing content to lead your group with? We’re here to help!

Our top resources when choosing content often come from:

  • The Weekly Sermon
    • We will be putting out questions each week to help you facilitate conversation with your group members.
  • Study Gateway
    • This resource has Bible plans and studies from many different churches and groups.
  • YouVersion Bible App
    • This has Bible plans on a broad range of topics based on interests, emotions, and anything you can think of.
  • Lifeway
    • This site has books, plans, media, and so much more to choose from.
  • Activity Groups
    • These Groups will look different than the standard 6-8 weeks study where they lead out of a Bible plan, curriculum, or weekly sermon. These Groups are focused on doing life together and building community through shared interests. The responsibility will be on the leaders to follow up with members through text, phone calls, sharing encouragement, and asking for ways to partner together in prayer.

Criteria for choosing content for your Bible Study:

Groups can be fluid and change as needed. If you want to start a Group of people that gets together to watch the Phillies Games during baseball season then take a break, you can do that. If you later choose to start up again and want to host a different type of Group, that is great! Basically, if you want to lead a Bible Study, you can do that. If you want to host a group of friends doing an activity, you can do that. Life is about connecting, and we want to help you do just that!

  1. Choose something that interests you
    • You will want to lead out of something that you have found insightful and has intentionally helped you grow in your walk with Christ.
    • Content should be challenging to the ways we are living our current lives, but also easy to understand and something that someone who doesn’t know Jesus can learn from.
  2. Choose something that will start good conversation
    • You will want content that sparks conversation and allows Group members to open up and feel comfortable sharing.
    • Groups will thrive on the ability to grow through shared experiences, so choose relatable content. 

How to start an Activity based Group:

  1. Find an interest or hobby you have.
    • Maybe it is running, cooking, or serving in the community. Or maybe it is planning and hosting some type of event for people to connect at. Whatever community looks like to you, start with finding that interest.
    • Think of people to invite. Who do you know already that shares your interest? Are there people in your community you have seen around but never connected with? Find ways to include others that might not know Jesus. 
  2. Once you have your interest and Group, how are you going to lead well?
    • Find a location to host your Group: Could be a local coffee shop, your home, a gym that you all meet at – wherever you will be able to gather together and connect.
    • Follow up with your Group throughout the week. This could look like individual communication, or a Group message. Sharing a verse, prayer request, or a piece of wisdom God has put on your heart. Ultimately, the goal of these Groups is to build community and do life together. 
    • Put Jesus on display. The best way to share your faith and the impact that Jesus has had on your life is to live a life that reflects that. You may be the only form of Jesus’ love that they ever encounter, so do everything with that in mind. We want having a relationship with God to be normal and accessible for the members of our Group, especially if they don’t go to church. 
  3. Pray for your Group and the impact you want to make in your community. 
    • Invite others to join in. By staying Gospel-centered, focused on people, purpose, and mission, you will find ways to be intentional in building genuine relationships with others.
    • We are called to build community outside of Sundays, so use that day as an opportunity to meet new people and invite them to do life together. 
    • Invite the Holy Spirit into your planning and efforts to grow your Group. Be patient, sometimes building strong relationships takes time. So, ask God to give you opportunities to invest in your Group and the people you invite. Sometimes, you will hear “No”, but your Group can only grow if you ask. 

We are praying that your Group will connect and grow as you lead others in what it looks like to have an authentic relationship with Jesus. The more you are doing to live that out and be an example to those around you, the more God will continue to bless your efforts and help you grow both as a leader and in the ways you are able to influence the community around you.

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