What Is A Vision Plan?

For people to follow you, you’ve got to know where you’re going. Having a clear Vision Plan will guide you to leading a successful Group. Read over this Vision Plan as part of the process of signing up to lead a Group! Continue reading to see what types of questions are on the Vision Plan, and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss these questions during our meeting!

My Vision for my Group is: 

What does the success of this Group look like for you? 

Need help answering this question? That’s okay. Your vision is God-inspired, needed at JRNY Church, and vital to your Group! It’s worth getting it right. Remember, Groups are all about meaningful relationships, people growing, and communities changing. Use the questions below to uncover your vision – think through a brief description for your Group’s Vision. 

How will your Group utilize your specific gifts and resources? 

What will relationships look like in my Group? 

How will people in my Group become better versions of themselves? 

How will the community look different because of my Group?

My Group will meet:

My Group will meet at a great place… 

My Group will get together on these days at this time

My Group won’t be empty because I’m going to

When we meet, my Group will: 

Below are the most common parts of a Group and some information to help you think through your Group. The format for your Group is up to you. Allow these to guide the ways you think about making your Group both intentional and impactful.

  • Talk Together 

All Groups spend some time catching up with casual conversation. 

  • Eat Together 

Some Groups enjoy coffee, a light snack, or even a meal when they get together. 

  • Have Fun Together 

Quite a few Groups share an activity together like working out, riding motorcycles, yoga, or other hobbies. 

  • Grow Together 

All Groups make time to spur on spiritual growth through intentional discussions or conversations. Pick and choose from the discussion resources below (If applicable to your style of Group). 

• We’ll use “Continue the Conversation” to discuss the message each week. 

• We’ll read through YouVersion Bible Plans and discuss them together.

• I plan to have intentional conversations with my Group and members leading up to, during, and after our scheduled time to connect. i.e. via text, email, phone calls etc. 

  • Serve Together 

Strong Groups serve together at their campus and with local mission partners.

  •  Pray Together 

All Groups share each other’s needs and pray together. 

If kids are allowed, we’ll:

  • Have a babysitter…
  • Allow kids to be present during Group time…
  • We have a place for kids to hangout…

I’m going to own my growth. Here’s my development plan: 

You’ve got to own your development and recognize areas to grow as they arise. You’ll grow most when you get into the game and begin to lead your Group. As you encounter challenges and opportunities, we want you to have access to the resources you need.

  1. Invite people you already know. This is by far the best place to start. 
  2. Sign up to serve at the Resource Desk at your campus and personally invite people on Sundays. 
  3. Invite people with shared interests. People you serve with, work out with, pick up kids from JRNY Kids with, or share a hobby with. 
  4. Respond quickly and personally to people who inquire.
  5. Become a regular at a service time and invite the people you go to church with. 

Hey, you’ve got this.

Groups are the glue of JRNY Church, and they don’t happen without people like you who boldly step up to open their hearts, homes, and schedules to connect with people around them. We believe that the best is yet to come! 

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

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