Tips to Being a Successful Group Leader

Pray daily for Group members and encourage them to pray for each other. Be on watch for potential leaders in your Group that could help co-lead, and eventually lead a Group of their own. Spend time individually with people outside of meetings. Encourage communication and fellowship outside of Group meetings.

How to lead your Group Meeting

What to do:

  • Have fun and spend time together! Groups need to be inviting and exciting for people to want to join them
  • Topic or Activity
  • Spiritual Component (prayer, scripture, testimonies)
  • Rally the group around a member going through a transition or crisis (

What to avoid:

  • Domineering personalities
  • Offerings
  • Politics
  • Unapproved speakers or material
  • Controversy, debate, or argument
  • Alcohol in Group (We GIVE UP so others can GET UP)

Preparing for the meeting:

  • Invite people to your Group
  • Email, text, or call the week of your Group as a friendly reminder
  • Have food and snacks available
  • Create an inviting environment
  • Be consistent with your start/stop time, your demeanor each week, your schedule etc. Predictability in groups creates comfortability. People will be more inclined to participate when they can anticipate how things will go.

The Unseen Element

“For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.” (Matthew 18:20)

  • A Positive Atmosphere: full of faith, hope, and love inspires people to grow and makes room for the Holy Spirit to work.
  • Cultivate a life-giving atmosphere: build people up, be a source of encouragement, rely on the Holy Spirit.
  • Pursue Jesus personally so that your cup is full and you have enough to spill over to fill other’s cups each week. You are not solely responsible to pour into your Group members, however, as the leader, people will look to you for help with weighing in on questions and will take cues based on your example of how they should be living based on your life, especially if they are brand new to following Jesus. 

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