The Best Way To Offer Childcare For Your Group

How to handle Childcare 

If you plan to offer childcare, we suggest you secure a sitter personally or use, a company we have used to find childcare for church events in the past and have had great experiences. 

Groups typically pay $10 per family each week regardless of the number of kids ensuring the sitter is at least getting $15/hr. To secure the sitter for the following week, in case others have to cancel, we suggest having each family pay in advance for the week ahead. 

If you are having negative behaviors:

If your Group begins to experience negative behavior, get the parent to come and have a conversation with the child. If further intervention seems needed, please reach out to us to help you address these behaviors and concerns. We want Groups to be intentional and impactful each week for the members. Handling the childcare needs of your Group will allow people to feel comfortable investing their time and energy to build community and deepen their relationships with Jesus.

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