Getting Your Group Started

We all want to succeed at the things we do, and leading a Group is no different. Nobody wants to start something just to have it fail. We have a few tips below to help you as you get started leading your Group. We are praying for you and know that when you stay Gospel centered focused on people, purpose, and mission you will see God move in and through your Group.

Start Recruiting

  • Start with people who are already in your sphere of influence (co-workers, friends, neighbors).
  • Find people around you who are new to the church, new believers, or have shown interest in getting involved.
  • Look for people who you think you can help draw out their potential.
  • Pray for God to send people to you who you haven’t already thought of.
  • Follow-up with anyone who registers for your Group within 24 hours to help them feel connected immediately.

Find a Location

If you cannot meet in your own home, look for a host home (possibly the home of someone attending your Group).

Other possibilities include:

  • Library conference room
  • Recreation center
  • Outdoors in a park
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop

Manage Your Group Administrative Tools (Planning Center)

Access the GROUPS website. This is the software used to keep track of members and all communication.

  •  Accept group member requests 
  • Communicate any needed information with whole group
  • Access your Group’s contact information

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