“What Type of Group Should I Lead?”

Want to lead a Group but unsure of what you want to lead? We’re here to help!

For starters, consider what type of Group you would want to lead. We have 3 different types of Groups you can choose from, Activity Groups, Hangout Groups, or Bible Studies.

Activity Groups:

These Groups will look different than the standard 6-8 weeks study where they lead out of a Bible plan, curriculum, or weekly sermon. These Groups are focused on doing life together and building community through shared interests. The responsibility will be on the leaders to follow up with members through text, phone calls, sharing encouragement, and asking for ways to partner together in prayer.

Bible Study:

These Groups will meet to discuss a Bible Plan, a Curriculum, a book, or the Sunday sermons. The intention of these Groups is to dive deeper in faith and scripture together. Taking time to discuss the ways God is working in our lives through the lens of the content that is being taught out of. These Groups are meant for new believers and long time believers to be able to share their perspective, ask questions, and develop a community that they can truly count on.

Hangout Group:

These Groups are intended for people in a similar stage of life to be able to get together and spend time growing in community. This is a space that is intentionally made for people to find friendships and accountability that will help push them in the direction scripture calls us to.

Once you have found your Group type, begin to think about who you would invite. Remember, the goal of Groups is to build something that anyone, whether they know Christ or not, to feel comfortable getting together with people. We exists For Those Not Yet Here, so our Groups are meant to give people a look into what a normal life following Christ looks like. Nobody in this world is perfect, and we all need grace and accountability to help us be the best version of ourselves. When we are rooted in Christ and lead others from that place, we are able to see how our changed lives speak to those seeking something deeper.

Leading a Group is one of the best ways to utilize the gifts and talents God has given you. We are here every step of the way to help you grow in leading, faith, and who God calls each of us to be. When we lead from that place of wanting others to experience that change for themselves, we are able to step aside and watch God move. Find your people by starting a Group today!

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